Do's and Dont's in implementing Project management Software

Never!!! Never!!! Get bogged down by the popular Project Management Software available in the market


  • Go crazy with the Project management terms used in the industry
  • Ignore it is one of the project as like other project in your organization
  • Look for Project Management Software without understanding your Organization / internal / project needs
  • Get in to the implementation without having  a proper roadmap
  • Try to implement all the features at once which lead to the failure / under usage of project management software
  • Try to use the tools and features of a project management software just because it is available
  • Compare a Project management Software like any other software
  • Think the software is useable the day it is installed


  • Consider it as one of the projects like other project being executed in your organization
  • Consider the project will be your business transformation project
  • Have a consulting approaching (external consultants) to prepare the roadmap for implementing Project Management Software at the enterprise level
  • Always try to marry the new system with the current environment and enhance it from there which would result in increase in productivity
  • Realize that it will create a Return On Investment over a period of time
  • Realize implementing a project management software will change the nature of project being planned, executed or monitored using the system
  • Have a reasonable deadline for implementing project management software
  • Have at least one pilot phase / prototype before going for Go-Live for an enterprise wide implementation

CCSS – Primavera Profile

CADD Centre Software Solutions is known for providing world class products at a competitive price to the customer for more than 25 years. We are known to our customers as an organization who look beyond selling product / services by providing solution that meets / exceeds their expectations. We make sure that our customers are happy with our association and enable them to leverage on the product / services offered to them
CADD Centre Software solutions core expertise is in providing Primavera solution and we have been doing this for more than 6 years now. Our Primavera experts do not focus on just implementing the product features in your projects; rather they focus on meeting your project needs from the product. We have helped our clients like Konkan Railways (KRCL) to implement Primavera starting from monitoring their projects and to the extent of automating business process involved in projectmanagement. Our Support team is geared up for addressing customer issues from Primavera 6.2 up till the latest version 

Primavera Implementation Approach:
We have a proven and strong implementation team expertise in Oracle Primavera implementation. We closely follow the Oracle conventional method of PIM methodology to setup the Primavera in a project environment. We also have unconventional approach of bringing in clients methods to implement Primavera.
We broadly classify the implementation approach into eight categories:
1.Study and analysis of current environment
2.Setup server and build client environment to meet the Primavera perquisites
3.Business case study
4.Data collection
5.Creation of Project proto-type
6. Acceptance Testing
7. Release of templates
8. Creation and monitor projects
9. Post Support
10. Sign-Off
Primavera Staffing:
Looking to fill your gap of Primavera professional team or technical consultants!!! You are @ the right place
We provide staffing for implementation engineers, product support engineers and project managers to implement and support Oracle Primavera suite of applications. Our staff will work closely with project team to collect data, analyze data, update information in Primavera system and produce different reports to meet the expectations of the project team. We provide staff at a competitive hourly rates or man-month basis.
We provide staffing for the following services:
ØImplementation Engineer
ØPrimavera Support Engineer
ØProject Manager
ØPrimavera Administrator
On-Demand Support:
We provide a various support for the Oracle primavera product. To name a few:
  • Technical Support
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • After Implementation Support
  • Functional Support
  • Primavera EPPM
  • Oracle ECM ( Limited to Primavera Edition)
  • Oracle Autovue
  • Oracle Weblogic (Limited to Primavera Edition)
  • Product Troubleshooting
Our On Demand Support Services gives you access to our highly responsive Primavera professional team. Our team will be available 18 * 6 days to support Primavera Suite of Products. Our Various modes of support are E-mail, Voice and In-Person. As needed, a simple phone call to a dedicated support line put you immediate touch with our team of Primavera certified engineers and other senior level engineers. Our Support levels are as follows:

Level 1 Support

When ticket is raised help desk team will have first call (telephone, mail) within 10-15 minutes from the time of receiving the ticket. After the initial contact, tickets will be categorized (like installation issue, support call etc) and then tries to solve the issues using the knowledge base. If the issue is not solved within 1 hour or an issue that is not in knowledge base then it will be escalated to level 2 support team.

Level 2 Support

Team tries to contact the person within 10-15 minutes from the time of receiving the ticket. We use remote desktop like options to analyze and resolve issues. Issue that cannot be solved in 1 day time will be escalated to Level 3 support.

Level 3 Support

Problem team will work on the issues using Root Cause Analysis (RCA) method. This involves simulating the error, analyzing log data and closely working with Oracle support for resolving the issues.
Over a period of 3 years we have developed our expertise to meet the niche market which ranges from developing new application for supporting Oracle primavera products to integration with various applications. To name a few about our development efforts:
  • Web services Approach
  • Primavera Web services
  • Secured SOAP data transfer
  • Primavera Utilities
  • Progress Reporter
  • Reporting portal
  • Dashboards
  • Integration Utilities
  • ERP integration
  • Other Systems integration
We develop solutions around Primavera which would help clients to transfer information from/to legacy applications like ERP, other project systems, contractor application to/from Primavera.
We have successfully provided End-to-End solutions to clients like C-Dot, Konkan Railways, IRCON, Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited and Reliance Industries to meet their needs.
We follow the Hybrid model of developing the solution using agile methodology.

Please feel to contact us for more details @
Mr. R.Sridhar (National Manager – Enterprise Solutions) – 91-9940014626 /

Mr. D.Balaji (National Manager – Product Support) – 91-9884044191 /